Dr. Jeremy Katcher, MD joined us in the spring  of 2020.

He has been in Allergy/Asthma practice since 2010 following his Allergy training at Univ. of Tennessee and an Internal Medicine residency at Virginia's Commonwealth U in Richmond, VA.

He is transferring his practice from his Crestwood practice to combine with us at our Tesson Ferry location.


We love taking care of our patients.  We want your visits and our care between visits to be as helpful and effective as possible, so we strive for excellence in our communications and attention to detail.

Allergy Testing

Testing is often a key step in crafting your treatment plan.  We start with safe and simple skin testing to identify your allergies.  We add advice on environmental control measures and use of appropriate medications.  We discuss further options including desensitization procedures.



efficient, cost-conscious, responsible, and trustworthy

Words we work and aspire to maintain.  For most patients, we are the first and only necessary step in discovering their potential allergies, controlling their environment, and crafting a plan of action to treat symptoms and prevent disease.  We invest heavily in one-on-one conversation with you at the initial and subsequent visits so we don't miss your main concerns.  We want you to be part of the treatment strategy and planning, to equip you with the necessary information and options, and together formulate a working solution to the problem.


Next Steps...

When you're ready, just give us a call.  We can usually see you without a referral.   We reserve multiple openings in the schedule daily for new patients and can usually make an appointment for you within a couple of weeks.  We will often perform the consult and testing on the same day to save you time and money, and have you on your way with a plan of treatment after the first visit.

Time and committment

We want you well ... is our slogan, and we have found that the best way to maintain that commitment to you is by investing time in the relationship, not just while you visit the office, but in between.

Electronic Communications

Up to date communications with easy telephone access, text messaging, voicemail, and email via the patient portal for private matters, or comments and general questions through our website and Facebook accounts.

Electronic Health Records

By being part of a larger group (Esse Health), we are able to invest in technology that enhances patient care and allows us to be responsive to your changing needs.  We are constantly updating, securing, and improving the way we collect and maintain your valuable information.

Next Steps...

We can usually see you with or without a referral from your primary care provider as most insurances allow you to simply call for an appointment.  Call or email us and we'll get you scheduled.